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on the decision to form a union, to create a bond that will be nurtured through the years, by fully participating in this milestone.  Although this is a day to celebrate, more importantly it is the beginning of a new shared life experience.  This is just one day that involves many decisions made by you both, who will nurture this shared life experience as you look at traditions from your past, values that you bring to the present, and the direction you envision for the future.  

Therefore, the significance of choosing a person to assist you in the creation your chosen ceremony is an important one.  The importance of having knowledge of who will be the one you will communicate your ideas to concerning this day, your relationship, and your marriage, should not be underestimated.  The preparation for this milestone involves the mind, heart, and soul of all involved.  As a Marriage Officiant, I will assist you with making appropriate decisions and blend within the ceremony thoughts and words, which will help to bring meaning to the first day of your united lives.

In addition to being a Marriage Officiant, I am a licensed Notary Public for the State of Florida.

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