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Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony in the State of Florida is not recognized as an actual marital ceremony.  However, I am pleased to help you make your commitment to each other with the beauty, warmth, and meaning that honors the significant bond between you as a united family.  As with any type of ceremony, we will talk about your past traditions, new rituals you will incorporate to your present lives, and the direction you desire for your future.  I encourage you to invite a sense of spirituality beginning with this ceremony that commits you to one another.


However, Florida Law does provide for registering Domestic Partnerships.  (See the links below for more information for Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.)  Many couples see this as an opportunity to link the spiritual ceremony with the secular/ legal registration.  I can help you complete the necessary paperwork to register your Domestic Partnership including notarizing the documents and filing them.   


For more ideas go to ICCR - Celebrating Healthy Gay & Lesbian Relationships .


To hear a more personal and informed opinion (from a Jewish perspective), please take a look at this article written by a teacher and friend of mine, Rabbi Victor Appell:



Palm Beach County

County Clerk's website:



Broward County

County Clerk's website:


Miami-Dade County

County Clerk's website: