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Jewish Ceremonies

Anita Diamant, in her popular book The New Jewish Wedding, explains as follows:

"A person who reads the wedding blessings at a Jewish wedding is called the mesader kiddushin, the one who “orders” the ceremony of kiddushin, or sanctification.  That person does not “marry” the bride and groom; they marry each other.  According to halakhah (Jewish Law), a mesader kiddushin must be a Jew who is knowledgeable about Jewish laws regarding weddings and marriage.  Thus, it is not necessary for a member of clergy – rabbi or cantor – to officiate at a wedding for the event to be kosher and binding.  From a Jewish perspective, non-ordained Jewish scholars, educators, and community leaders may officiate."

Since the days of Maimonides, there has been a preference for an officiant who would be recognized, not only by the Jewish community, but by the secular authorities as well.  Towards that end, I am also a Notary Public licensed by the State of Florida to solemnize marriages.

As an official of both the Jewish community and an agent of the secular authorities, you can be assured that your wedding ceremony will be recognized as legal by all interested parties - not the least of whom are yourselves, your families and the State of Florida.  (See the section on Marriage License Info. for more specifics.)

It would be my great honor and pleasure to be your Mesader Kiddushin and Licensed Wedding Officiant.